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Oct 3, 2012 9:00am EDT
there's a new head of f-b-- operations in baltimoree stephen vogt haa bben naaed as f-b-i field office.vogg ty's starred with the agency in 19- 89.his most recent assignment was in afghanistan. ptreet in little italy.we shot this video of albemarle petween styles and fawn can see, a sinkhole about the size of a car opened up in the street.this section of albemmrle has been shht down. no worddon when the inkhole will be fixed... or when the road will reopen. a brave dog in rhode island purvives n 11-hour ride... in the grill of a car. priver going 50-mills-an-hour hit ttis dog without realizinn it. the driier then cruisee for 11 miles... before someone she was kind of wedged in there with the license plaae and the license plate cover. ammzingly... thh doggwas nearly unscathed. the dog has a collar and a microchip... but the owner still hasn't 3 3 3 the orioles ggt dominated by tampa bby's pitcher last night.... but still managed to pull outta victory in the second to lass game of hh seas. seeson. but the red sox could not beat the yankees, so new york keeps a one gamm lead with one game
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1